Schedule Deadlines for 2022-23

Thru 31 Oct Registration and fees
Sep-Oct Initial project planning: Learn the specifications and set goals.
Begin Project Plan goals and schedule.
Begin collecting material and recyclables for model.
Oct-Nov Develop initial city design.
Test design using SimCity (recommended, not required).
Begin research on essay challenge.
11 Nov Project Plan 1: Goals due
18 Nov Project Plan 2: Schedule due
Nov-Dec Write essay. Edit for length. Proof-read.
Begin model design and construction
Begin planning City Presentation
2 Dec City Essay due
  • Submit in electronic format - common word processing document format such as .doc (not .pdf)
  • File upload TBA
  • Files received by deadline will avoid late penalties.
    Late submissions are allowed - see below for dates and penalties.
9 Dec Last date for City Essay.
Files received by this date will have 5 points deducted.
12 Dec Project Plan 3: Check-in due
Jan Complete building model.
Finish planning presentation and create AV and demonstration aids
Practice presentation
16 Jan Project Plan 4: Reflection due
28 Jan NTX Regional Finals and Awards Ceremony
  • Bring Model with ID tag
  • Bring presentation materials
  • Bring completed, signed Expense Form