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Future City - North Texas Regional Event Moving to TCC-TR

[Nov-22] We are excited to announce that this year, we will be holding our NTX Regional Event at Tarrant County College-Trinity River Campus in downtown Fort Worth.

This is a beautiful facility that was originally the corporate headquarters for Radio Shack. Stay tuned for details on this year’s regional.

Future City - North Texas 2022-23

[Aug-22] The detailed schedule for NTX region will be maintained on this site: NTX schedule. Refer to it for detailed schedule information for the North Texas Regional Future City Competition and acceptable dates for all the required deliverables.

2022-23 FCC-NTX Introductory Information - Overview of NTX rules, resource information and schedule. Download here.

What's Different This Year

[Aug-22] Changes this year:

  • In-person Regional Event. At this time, we are plannning for a return to the in-person NTX Regional event in late January. The potential for a virtual event is still under consideration.
    Details will be available shortly.
  • Deliverables:
    • City Essay Deliverable - Theme: Climate Change. Develop innovative strategies to adapt to and mitigate challenges of climate change.
    • Model Deliverable -
      • Model will be judged in-person at the regional event.
      • The model will be built to scale (as determined by the team). But, you are allowed up to 4 readily identifiable scales. The team can build a single model illustrating city highlights. OR the team can build the model in separate sections.
      • The model has a maximum size requirement: whether built as a single piece for multiple sections, the model (all pieces collectively) cannot exceed 25 in. x 50 in. x 20 in.
    • Team Presentation - Teams will give a live 7 minute presentation in front of a panel of judges.
    • Q & A - An 8 minute question and answer session will follow the team presentation.
    • Project Plan Deliverable - no change.

NTX Future City Junior Competition for 4-5th grades

[Aug-22] The Junior program is an introduction to the full Future City Competition effort. It is focused on the challenge posed by the annual theme and includes the research essay and the physical model deliverables.

The final judging of model and city design will be in-person at the NTX regional event in late January

See the Junior Team Center for the complete rules, description of the program, and registration. Contact Regional Coordinator for more information. Please note: this program is only available in North Texas at this time.

Attention 7th Graders: FC Prelims and Duke SAT Conflict

Future City judging and the January SAT for the Duke Talent Identification Program frequently conflict. Please be aware and consider taking the ACT test or the SAT on one of the other dates (Dec or Mar).

Email Updates

Email Archive
18-Nov-22: Essay due 2 Dec, Regional event at TCC-TRt
01-Nov-22: FCC NTX Update – First steps, Project Plan Parts 1, 2 due soon
14-Oct-22: Getting Started, NTX CMS, Mentor help
16-Sep-22: Introductory info
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