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This secure site will:
  • Allow you to set up teams
    • Add and change members
  • Allow you to upload deliverables
    • SimCity files and forms
    • Essays, Narratives and forms
  • Automatically time-stamp deliverables
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2014 NTX Webinar-Training Classes

[Oct-14] This year's training sessions:

  • Wed, 22 Oct, 5-6 pm - NTX FCC Orientation and Overview
    Speaker: Jean Eason, NTX Regional Coordinator
  • Tues, 28 Oct, 5-6 pm - City Planning
    Speaker: Doug McDonald, Chair of Midwest Chapter of American Planning Association
  • Thurs, 30 Oct, 5-6 pm - SimCity Tips for Success
    Jean Eason, NTX Regional Coordinator

The webinars will be presented via Google+ Hangouts. Go to our Google+ page. Recordings of the sessions and copies of the presentations will be available on our Resources page afterwards. All participants are encouraged to attend - all others are welcome.

NTX Introduces Future City-Junior: Pilot program for 4-5th grades

[Nov-14] Future City Junior Team Center

[Sep-14] As a result of the high interest in this year’s theme and requests by a number of groups, the North Texas Regional is piloting a Future City Junior program for 4-5th graders. The Junior program is an abbreviated version of the full Future City Competition effort. It will include the research essay and the physical model deliverables.

Download a brief description/rules and contact Regional Coordinator to sign up or for more information. Please note: this program is only available in North Texas at this time.

What's Different This Year

[Jul-14] Significant changes this year:

  • We will only be using the new SimCity to design the virtual cities. EA has issued an update to their game to allow an offline play mode and that is what we will be using for 2014-15. What that means:
    • Computer requirements - the new SimCity requires more video and computational capabilities than the older SimCity4, however, most newer computers will easily handle the program. See download requirements.
    • You will only need Internet capability to:
      • Create an Origin Account (EA's game site management tool)
      • Download the SimCity program
      • Start the game for the first time. Then you switch to "offline" mode.
      • NOTE: if you still have the new SimCity program from last year, you will only need to install the latest updates.
    • The new SimCity in offline mode is a single-player game. It operates like SimCity4 in many respects:
      • Your city files are stored on your computer
      • You can turn off disasters
      • You can create backup files "just in case":
  • Point allocations have changed for the Presentation and Model deliverables: Both are now worth 70 points. Total points = 280.
  • Rubrics have changed for Virtual City, Model, Presentation, and, of course, for the Essay.

This Year's Theme: Feeding Future Cities

[May-2014] Your challenge: Incorporate urban agriculture into your future city to provide vegetable and protein sources for your citizens.

Attention 7th Graders: FC Prelims and Duke SAT Conflict

[Aug-2013] The FC Preliminary round of presentations (schedule) frequently coincides as one of the SAT testing dates for the Duke Talent Identification Program.

Avoid the conflict

  • Take the ACT in Dec
  • Take the SAT in Dec or Mar

Those with a conflict - Notify the Regional Coordinator by 20 Dec to request a special, late presentation time

  • There are a limited number of presentation times between 12:00 and 1:00 pm
  • Slots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Take the test at UT Arlington
  • Note: Special Awards judging will take place during the morning. Remaining team members can represent the team for this judging, however, there will be no make-up times or alternate team members allowed.

Email Updates

Email Archive
07-Jan-15: Information for 30-31 January
06-Jan-15: Last call for Essay, Forms due
18-Nov-14: Team Center, SimCity coming due, Essay/narrative next
04-Nov-14: Getting started, SimCity info
17-Oct-14: Training webinars
26-Sep-14: SimCity info, Dates, Training sessions
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