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This secure site will:
  • Allow you to set up teams
    • Add and change members
  • Allow you to upload deliverables
    • SimCity files and forms
    • Essays, Narratives and forms
  • Automatically time-stamp deliverables
  • Send acknowledgements for uploaded files
  • Obtain detailed scoring reports


Orientation and Training for 2013-14

[Oct-13] Orientation and training sessions are being planned. . Topics to be covered include:

  • 23 Oct, 5pm - Orientation and Overview
  • 30 Oct, 5pm - Tomorrow's Transit (Essay topic)
  • 11 Nov, 5pm - Successful presentation skills

These sessions will be presented via webcast - Google Hangouts. See FC NTX Google+ page. Recodings will be available online afterwards for those who cannot attend the live sessions.

What's Different This Year

[Aug-13] Significant changes this year:

  • You can use either SimCity 4 or the new SimCity game to build your virtual city. Select when you register. Considerations?
    • MAC compatability - only with the new SimCity game (unless you already have a copy of the SimCity 4 for MAC: FC has no more copies available).
    • Computer requirements - the new SimCity requires more video and computational capabilities download requirements.
    • The new SimCity runs on the cloud server. You must have an Internet connection to play. Also, there is no restoring older versions of your city. There is no recovery from mistakes or disasters (and no way to "turn off" disasters. However, the cities tend to build up faster than in SimCity 4.
    • SimCity 4 runs on your computer, but needs EA's Origin installed as well (to download and run SimCity 4).
  • Both versions of SimCity have required regions in which you will build your city.
  • Point allocations have changed for most deliverables: 60 points for virtual city design, 60 points for the essay, 20 points for the narrative, 90 points for the physical model, and 60 points for the presentation. Total points = 290 (down from 400).
  • Needless to say, the rubrics have changed for all deliverables.

This Year's Theme: Tomorrow's Transit

[Aug-13] Your challenge: Identify a problem of moving people in your future city and design a mode of transportation to solve this problem.

Attention 7th Graders: FC Prelims and Duke SAT Conflict

[Aug-13] The FC Preliminary round of presentations (schedule) frequently coincides as one of the SAT testing dates for the Duke Talent Identification Program.

Avoid the conflict

  • Take the ACT in Dec
  • Take the SAT in Dec or Mar

Those with a conflict - Notify the Regional Coordinator by 20 Dec to request a special, late presentation time

  • There are a limited number of presentation times between 12:00 and 1:00 pm
  • Slots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Take the test at UT Arlington
  • Note: Special Awards judging will take place during the morning. Remaining team members can represent the team for this judging, however, there will be no make-up times or alternate team members allowed.

Email Updates

Email Archive
23-Jan-14: Special Awards Judging
13-Jan-14: Finalize teams and RSVP for 25th
07-Jan-14: Schedule, rules for 24-15 Jan
17-Dec-13: Essay deadline approaches, Last call for Virtual Cities
02-Dec-13: Essay deadline approaching, Where to learn more
19-Nov-13: SimCity deliverable, Entering team information
04-Nov-13: Getting Started, Team Center, SimCity, Mentors
25-Oct-13: Essay webinar
18-Oct-13: Orientation, Training webinars, Team Center
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