Sponsorships: Special Awards

Hundreds of students every year become involved in the North Texas Future City Competition. They work hard from September-January on the five phases of the competition and their five deliverables. And what they accomplish is truly inspiring.

The Special Awards program allows us to reward many more of these outstanding student teams for their special innovation and ingenuity. And, it gives you, the sponsor, the opportunity to emphasize the particular areas of technology that are important to you.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Basic Level - $250
    • Underwrites one special award to include a team plaque and gift certificates (3) for students.+
    • Names the award, specifies requirements, and provides judges (2) to ensure the best teams and designs* receive recognition.
  • Patron Level - $500
    • Underwrites one special award - basic level package - with the addition of a check for the school.+
    • Names the award, specifies requirements, and provides judges (2) to ensure the best teams and designs** receive recognition.

Each sponsor receives recognition in the program and on the website. All are invited to provide a tabletop display during the competition to provide students, teachers, media and visiting public with information about your organization and the profession.

Interested in sponsoring? Want to learn more? Contact Regional Coordinator.

Special Award Categories

Sponsors are invited to make up their own special award category recognizing outstanding efforts in areas of importance to them. Some examples:

  • Excellence in Aerospace Components
  • Excellence in Communication Systems
  • Excellence in Sustainable Design
  • Excellence in Manufacturing Zones
  • Best Name
  • Excellence in Transportation System Design
  • Excellence in Parks and Recreation Zones
  • Excellence in Urban Design
  • Excellent Use of Recycled Materials
  • Excellence in the Use of Water Resources
  • Environmentally Friendly Energy
  • Teamwork

The North Texas Future City Competition is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation. The North Texas program is entirely administered by volunteers. Your contributions could be tax-deductible.

+ Special award prizes are provided by the Awards Committee only. Sponsors may, with prior agreement, add educational merchandise and/or logo items of nominal value (less than $25).

* At the basic level, the Awards Committee reserves the right to give awards to either the first, second or third ranked teams identified by the judges so that we may maximize the number of different teams receiving recognition.

** At the patron level, the sponsoring organization may choose whichever team best satisfies their award criteria.


This competition kind of opened my eyes. It gave me a perspective on different types of engineering ... It showed me how much of an effect engineers have on peoples' lives. - Student